Busy Songs

Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing. But different than the day before. That's when I saw her, ooh, I saw her. She walked in through the out door, out door Picture Lyric #1
I tried to call the honey but her line was busy Picture Lyric #1
EUBANGDERE I'm sorry, sir, but that line is busy, heh! Picture Lyric #1
When you're too busy getting mine Picture Lyric #1
Full Force get busy one time Picture Lyric #1
It's a busy day, I'm a busy man Picture Lyric #1
Really busy Busy clippers Oh, hairdresser on fire All around Sloane Square Picture Lyric #1
Don't bother me I ain't got time For your misery It's not that I'm too busy Picture Lyric #1
That he possibly can He's busy making money To buy from other men Picture Lyric #1
Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Picture Lyric #1
Get busy rocking baby Picture Lyric #1
Any nigga want to step, get busy Picture Lyric #1
Behind the hill There's a busy little still Where your Pappy's workin' in the moonlight Picture Lyric #1
That you possibly can You're so busy making money To buy from other men Picture Lyric #1
May others plan their future I'm busy loving you One, two, three, four! Picture Lyric #1
Unrecognised he'll walk the busy streets The days of a champion He will be private again Picture Lyric #1
Ah yeah, wontu get busy nigga, word up Ha ha check check Picture Lyric #1
to steak and shrimp every evening, gone all day busy as a beaver Picture Lyric #1
Ford and his Lizzie Kept the laughers busy That's how people are Picture Lyric #1
Why you won't come back You tell me you busy baby If its like that Picture Lyric #1
Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday And if your busy, I wouldn't mind taking Saturday Picture Lyric #1
CL Smooth, get busy Picture Lyric #1
Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime Picture Lyric #1
It's a lovely day today But you're probably busy too So I suppose there's nothing we can do Picture Lyric #1
And the doctor's busy He's checking me out He says I'm crazy to jump and shout Picture Lyric #1
Go on home,
About me, cause they keeping you busy, totally wicked and totally busy Picture Lyric #1
That whole busy attitude is a sham Umm bro, umm brother, umm Brougham, stop shammin! Picture Lyric #1
Aiyyo!  Eddie F!
But my busy mind is burning To use what learning I've got Picture Lyric #1
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